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Property Buyer

Your potential capital gain or investment return from property has to be “locked-in” when you buy. We act exclusively in your interest and protect your property deal.


Buying commercial or residential property is not just about price. Reliance on selling agents who act in the interest of their clients (seller) to obtain best price outcome will not lead to value creation. As your Buyer’s Agent our commercial obligation and fiduciary duty is exclusively to you our client

Our specialist competency will identify capital growth potential, hidden value and give you greater choice for off-market deals, we approach owners directly. If you are a foreign investor, migrating to Australia or relocating back to Australia our specialist Legal and Financial Partners provide necessary legal and financial advice, and structuring to ensure your transaction is safe secure and in full compliance with Australian laws

We develop an acquisition strategy and a target property profile with your input. When authorized by you and on conclusion of necessary commercial agreement we proceed to execute the agreed strategy. We liaise closely obtaining your instructions as we move to firm up offers and subsequent negotiations.

Your property acquisition is concluded in compliance with Australian laws, in accordance with the agreed acquisition strategy and instructions